5 Fun Facts About USA Online Gaming

Las Vegas remains the undisputed Mecca of worldwide gambling. It is the one place where revelers can enjoy pulse-pounding action, 24/7. Much the same is true for the USA's East Coast gem – Atlantic City. There is no mistaking the adrenaline-loaded entertainment on offer; the mega casinos are stunning beyond compare and players are buzzing with eager anticipation. However, that electric atmosphere has heretofore been limited to Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Fortunately, that all changed in 2013 when a brand-new gaming variant was legally introduced into US cyberspace. The dawning of a new era has begun, and online casinos are now stamping their authority in an untapped niche market with massive growth potential.

#1 Online Gaming is Rich with Possibilities

It may come as somewhat of a surprise to everyone outside the US that online gaming comprises but a small fraction of the US market. To date, only 3 states in the union allow some form of regulated online casino gaming (excluding lotteries). These include New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. That's just 6% of the 50 states in the USA. You may be assuming that there is either plenty of growth potential, or that online gambling activity is limited to a select few areas. For gaming fans, the reintroduction of online casino games heralds the dawning of a new time. Now, it's possible to enjoy some of the slickest, most exciting online casino games on the planet. Leading from the front is the New Jersey-based online gaming giant, Caesars Online Casino.

#2 The Race to Regulate Online Gaming

There are 3 regulated gaming markets in the USA. These include New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. Within each of these markets, state legislators approved a broad framework as it pertains to the operation of online casinos and online poker rooms. In New Jersey, Caesars Casino.com was greenlighted by Governor Chris Christie in November 2013. This online casino has partnered with Caesars Atlantic City as the official online gaming site of that casino.

At state level, the motivation behind this groundbreaking move was to ensure New Jersey's competitiveness with Nevada in terms of online gaming. Of course, tax dollars generated from online casinos in New Jersey are valuable, since 4 of the 12 operational land-based casinos in Atlantic City have shuttered. Land-based gambling revenues have plummeted from pre-recessionary highs of $5 billion per annum (2006/2007) to approximately $2.5 billion per annum. NJ gambling online may have gotten off to a slow start, but industry pundits are confident that revenues will quickly increase.

#3 Strict Security Protocols in Place

The US is leading the way when it comes to the security of online gaming. For example, CaesarsCasino.com is licensed and regulated by the Department of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) in New Jersey. However, that does not mean that players outside of New Jersey can play real money casino games at this casino. In fact, only players who are at least 21 years of age and physically present in the state of New Jersey are legally allowed to play at Caesars Online Casino. This has all been made possible by high-tech geolocation tracking software that pinpoints the player’s precise location.

When online casinos in New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada first rolled out, there were myriad problems with the geolocation technology – that's not the case anymore. To verify age and identity, players are required to submit a form of ID (passport/driver’s license/ID card) as well as a social security number, or taxpayer number. Various compacts are now being discussed to allow for interstate gaming, such as the one that now exists between Delaware and Nevada (Multi-State Internet Gaming Agreement – 25th February 2014). These allow for a sharing of players between states. In the US, all online gaming activity sanctioned by state legislators is strictly monitored and audited.

#4 Top NJ Operators Generating Increasing Revenues Month After Month

Caesars Interactive Entertainment announced its September 2014 monthly Internet gross revenue figures, with peer-to-peer games generating $914,549, and other authorised games generating $1,749,419. That sums to $2,663,960 for the month. For the year to date, peer-to-peer win is $10,549,347, with total Internet gaming win for the year standing at $26,612,724. With adjustments taken into account, Caesars Interactive Entertainment has a year-to-date Internet gaming gross revenue figure of $26,655,186. For the state of New Jersey this translates into a 15% tax on Internet gross gaming revenue figure of $3,998,278. And this is just one of many online casino companies operating in the Garden State. The others include the Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa; Golden Nugget Atlantic City; Tropicana Casino and Resort; The Trump Plaza Associates, and the Trump Taj Mahal Associates. The total gross Internet gaming revenue of all these online casinos (January - September) amounts to $94 million at a 15% tax rate. By the end of December a figure of $120 million is not out of the question.

#5 Better Games & Bigger Promos are Available to NJ Players

There is no doubt that the technology at US online casinos is second to none. But the true litmus test rests with the available games. At CaesarsCasino.com, players are treated to a lavish selection of superior online casino games including the following categories: slots, blackjack, video poker, roulette, progressive jackpots, and table games. The most impressive feature of all these games is that they’re available for free. Players can power up their PCs, smartphones or tablets and play online casino games directly off their browser. No software download is required and there is full compatibility across Mac OSX, Windows and other devices.

Currently, the most popular casino games include Sushi Express, Crazy 4 Poker, European Roulette, European Blackjack, Vegas Blackjack, Hot Shot, Big Vegas, King Kong, Cleopatra and Star Trek. New games are regularly being added into the mix, to keeps things exciting. Players of all skill levels will find something to enjoy, with video poker, blackjack and European Roulette offering the lowest house edge. Progressive jackpot games offer the biggest paydays, with players standing to win hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes. As a further enticement to players, NJ online gaming operator – CaesarsCasino.com - is offering $10 FREE with No Deposit Required. Once you make a deposit, the casino will match it dollar for dollar up to $300.

Casino Bonus Codes and Bonus Hunting

Online casinos may have introduced all sorts of hoops that you now need to jump through before getting your hands on some of their lovely free cash, but that does not mean it is impossible to do. And, as the old adage goes, “if at first you don’t succeed try, try again!”

The very latest casino bonuses are always worth a once-over as they do not always necessitate a cash deposit and to use another cliché, the more that you gamble the more that you get.

Thankfully these ‘free play no deposit required’ offers are now commonplace. Invariably all you need do is enter a bonus code.

No deposit casino bonus codes, of which there are plenty – just check-out Guts casino bonus codes – can give you no end of opportunities and there are many players that have eked out a small living simply by entering every no deposit bonus code they can find.

‘Bonus hunters’, as they are commonly called,can and will take advantage of anything on offer, such as free casino slot games with bonus rounds, and why not?

The history books are littered with big winners who have parlayed free-play spins and money up to a substantial cash prizes. It requires time and dedication. But most will agree there is no better way to pass away your spare time than to chasing a big win. In fact, there is little else some would prefer to do.

Strategy Considerations for Online Poker

More people than ever are signing up to play poker, and that means more diverse set of strategies than ever before in the history of poker. Some of these strategies are better-suited to live play while others work more effectively in a casino online. With that being said there are still some absolute truths about poker that have not changed no matter how many new players or strategies emerge.

First off, if you have played poker for a number of years in person you will notice the far quicker pace of the game when you play poker online. With that in mind it is often a good idea for new players to play at the free or low limit tables to get acclimated to the faster pace and new way to play.

The next thing you will notice when you play online is the far more aggressive style of play in this new generation of player that takes to the tables. This is definitely not Doyle Brunson’s poker game as the new breed of player is far more open to trying to bully and intimidate fellow players with aggressive betting and bluffing.

Bluffing has always been a tricky aspect of poker and you will find more players are doing it at far greater rates than in the past. Bluffing, in some ways, has become so common place as to be near ineffective as most experienced players are used to its regularity and are no longer easily fooled.

While aggression and bluffing may be intimidating to the new or inexperienced player it is nothing to fear. The one thing that has not and will not change when you play online is the fact that the gravity and law of physics with the math of the odds cannot change. Those numbers are as hard and factual as ever and the solid, level headed player will use that to his advantage and not be intimidated. Chip stacks, positioning, and hole cards are still going to have the basic fundamentals that they always did no matter how reckless and loud opposing players may be.

Top 5 Online Casino Software Companies That Lead the Way

Nowadays there are plenty of online casino software companies that develop and create games for virtual casinos. Some are land based providers that expanded onto the virtual gambling world; others offer online gaming products exclusively. If you are interested in playing casino games on the Internet, you should be familiar with the top software providers that offer fair and safe games, quality products and good game variety. The following are the top five virtual casino software companies that lead the way in the online gaming industry.

1. Netent. NetEnt is a premium and one of the world leading suppliers of online casino software and games used by one of the best and most trusted casino operators. Its award winning Casino Module is an online gaming system comprised of over 200 best of breed casino gaming titles that have high entertainment value and offer one of the best gaming experiences on the web. Top favorites and well-known NetEnt games are Starburst, Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune, Red Dog Progressive and Blackjack Pro among others.

2. Microgaming. This is the online casino software pioneer that launched the first casino on the Internet in 1994. So far Microgaming has created over 800 online casino games and more than 500 game variants and its casino products are available online, in real time and on the go. Popular games include Mega Moolah, Game of Thrones, Avalon, Thunderstruck, Playboy, Roulette and Blackjack Gold Series and many more. Microgaming is also one of the founders of eCOGRA that stands up for fair, responsible and secure online gambling.

3. Playtech. Playtech is the software provider responsible for the creation of the most popular online slots in the industry- the Marvel Series slots based on the superheroes from the Marvel comic books. Some games are Iron Man, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk etc. This software company creates online casino games with high quality graphics, excellent animations and perfect sounds. Check out the top 10 Playtech casinos for 2015 where you can enjoy seamless gaming, generous bonuses, top notch security and thrilling gaming atmosphere.

4. Betsoft Gaming. If you want to play online casino games with 3D graphics, realistic features and animations that come to life, check out the games from Betsoft Gaming. The company stands out with its 3D slots such as At the Copa, Rook’s Revenge, Good Girl Bad Girl and True Sheriff among others. These games have stunning quality and graphics. They are quite engaging and you will feel like you are in the game itself.

5. Everymatrix. With Everymatrix everything is possible. It is one of the industry leading providers of complete online gaming solutions. Its casino engine offers over 22,000 games from 33 providers as well as gaming and payment management to casino operators. Besides online products it also features live dealer options from several providers.

If you want to learn more about the leading virtual casino software providers and what they offer, visit http://www.bonusmob.com.

Roulette Bets

A lot of the interest in roulette, whether you decide to play online roulette at Norske Spilleautomater or at a traditional land-based casino, comes from the range of different bets that can be placed - no two bets have to be the same in a single game. Here are some of the bets available on all forms of modern roulette:

Red Known as rouge in French (where the game began), this basically means betting the ball will land on any red number, odd or even.

Black Noir in French, this is betting the ball will land on any black number. Simples.

Low Bet This means betting on any number below eighteen and is known as 'manque' or 'failed' in French.

High Bet Betting on any number over 19 is known as a high bet or 'passe' (because it has passed the centrepoint).

Column Bet Place your chip on the square at the end of one of three columns of twelve numbers for odds of 2-1, known as 'colonne' in French

Line Bet The chip is placed on the intersection of the edge of two rows of three numbers each for odds of 5-1. This type of bet is known as 'sixaine' (six numbers) in French.

Corner Bet
Or 'carre', means placing your bet where the corners of four numbers meet. The odds for this type of bet are 8-1, so you could win fairly big if the ball lands on any one of these.

Street Bet
The chip goes halfway over the line forming the end of the row of three numbers you wantr to bet one. With 11-1 odds, this is a good one should you be lucky.

Split Bet
Choose two numbers you want to bet upon and place your chip across the line dividing them. Very good odds of 17-1

Straight Bet
Simply bet on the one number you feel will come up. Place your chip in the corresponding box... And cross your fingers. This has the largest odds on the table at 35-1.

How to choose the right place to play online with ease ?

In today's world, there are many options when playing in an online game. The internet has rapidly flooded with many sites about games; each is aimed at a bit of a different niche. However, still, when you come to play and choose your favorite platform, it proves to be quite difficult to know where to play. The reason? There are many good and reputable sites to play in like Himmel Spill, but there are also many scams, bad sites, bad services, and in general,, not a place you would want to play.

So in order to find the best portal for your game, one should look for several things in the site:

   Trust signals: Is there an address? Is there a phone number? Do they work with the big brand in the industry?

      Popularity: If many people play in it, it most likely a reliable site. It's not always the case, but a site must maintain its integrity otherwise, well, it wouldn't be popular..

      User Experience and Interface: This is a great point. A great user experience goes a long way. It shows that the game owners care about their users, and help them in a better playing experience. That strategy surely attracts many repeat players, and that is the way to achieve that.

     Security and player safety: Are there any restriction? Can you deposit and withdraw easily ? are the site regulated in its territories? Is it licensed? Checking all that will help you be more relaxed when depositing money to a third party site.

      Game offerings: Can I play my favorite online games? Do the site offers roulette or any other casino game? And what are the options of playing ? Diversity and updating contently with fresh games and design is definitely a great signals for a serious and reliable site to play in.

There are also great sites that ranks and review many of the online gaming sites which is definitely worth reading. What can be better than a proven and tested site, played by many, and reviewed with pluses and minuses, and all the ins and outs of the site. When many players tell you it’s a great place to play, than that is definitely worth trying.

All in all, playing the games we love can be a great and fun experience, as long as we play it in the right websites and environment. Anyone can 'open' an online gaming portal, but with many, it will be highly risky to even sign up. The world of the web is big and it's sometimes not easy to handle. That is why it is so important to go with the checklist above, combining with fast online searches and reading reviews, and 'TOP 10 Sites' as well.

The better your research, the better you'll be protected and safe. After all, playing with cash shouldn't be scary or inconvenient, on the contrary. It should be easy, safe, secure and enjoyable. Any site that achieve that, is a place you can go and play with ease.

Comparison Online and land based casinos

Land Based Casinos:

Marina Bay Sands
Sharing an owner with the world-famous ‘Venetian’ Hotel and Casino in LV, the Marina Bay Sands offers visitors a pure and simple five star Las Vegas gaming experience every day of the year – in the centre of the thriving hub that is Singapore.

Equipped with a ‘Sky-Park’ in order to offer guests some of the most breath taking panoramic city views available in all of Asia, and a swimming pool to escape the humidity if needs be, this is luxury in essence.

A huge range of gaming tables, slot machines and all of the fine dining a budding high roller could wish for – this is Singapore’s finest.

Resorts World Sentosa
Combining the twin disciplines of traditional oriental and modernist décor, the first thing that strikes visitors to Singapore’s Resorts World Sentosa is its sheer an unbridled beauty.

Rest assured however, this complex’s reputation as one of the world’s top gaming facilities does not rely on its looks alone. With 160,000+ square feet of gaming carpet equipped with everything from the essential to the futuristic, this is any gamer’s paradise!

Online Casinos
Golden Riviera Casino The nature of online gambling as a field within wider gambling dictates that only virtual casino websites which offer the very highest standard of services to their users will survive.

A usable interface, flawless software and a secure payment system are just the tip of the iceberg – though Golden Riviera has each of them nailed down tight. Offering all of the latest Microgaming releases alongside all of the classics, you could do a lot worse than Golden Riviera Casino. Click Here to go to the site.

Another website which has made a name for itself by offering players a safe, dependable and welcoming environment, Jet Casino was launched way back in 2008 and has since risen to prominence as one of the industry’s best.

A diverse range of games sits alongside incredibly graphic options and a user interface which entices newcomers in seconds flat.

3 Reasons to Play on Mobile Casinos

The rise in popularity of smartphone and handheld devices has been on the increase no end over the past couple of years.  That trend doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon either.

With super-fast broadband connections available all across the world now, it’s easier than it ever has been to download and play apps on your smartphones and similar devices, whether it be at home, on public transport or simply out on the streets.

Online casino games are no different.  All of the top bookmakers have compatible mobile websites and apps, allowing you to sit down and play your favourite casino games, including Poker, Blackjack and Slots on the move.

Here are three reasons why you want to play games on your mobile:

The Experience

With smartphone screens getting bigger and broadband connections getting quicker, the mobile experience is so smooth these days.  People are spending more and more time on their mobile devices as a result.

This includes downloading apps and games alike.  The powerful micro processing power that many mobile decides have means that mobile games are fun, slick and easy to play.  They are also supported by high definition screens.

Paddy Power’s mobile site offers a great experience.  These are one of several that we have had a great experience with: http://games.paddypower.com


There is about as much variety on your mobile as there are desktop versions of casinos.  There are multiple poker, blackjack and roulette games for you to choose from on your mobile browser, just as you would expect to find if you were playing on your desktop.

This area is only going to grow, so look out for an even greater variety of games and apps on new platforms in the near future.

Easy to Play

Mobile casino games can be played in both your browser or by downloading an app, giving you more than one option to play on your smartphone.

This is great news for users who have the opportunity to play a variety of casino games from within a single app or window.

With the continued growth of the mobile gaming industry we can expect these apps to continue to be played, whether at On-LineCasino.org or any other trusted site.

Best Gambling Games That Require no Skill

Most people want to try gambling at some point in their life, whether that’s just for fun or to see if they can win any money, we tend to give it a go at some point. The trouble is that, for people that don’t gamble often, some of the games are just too difficult to understand if you have any chance of winning or knowing what’s going on.

Take poker for example: Add some complicated rules to the even more cryptic terminology that accompanies it and the novice has no chance. If you’re one of those people then here are three of the best online gambling solutions for you. There are others, but these are somewhere near the top. The list considers how fun they are to play, how easy they are to play or to learn and how much financial investment they require. The idea being that the lower the cost of playing, the more it’s probably going to be like fun than a pro gambling game.


Anyone who has tried to Play Online Bingo Games will tell you just how easy they are to grasp. While the game does require some mental agility in quickly identifying the right numbers on your card, there’s little else difficult about it.

While you can deposit large amounts of money in an online bingo account, the games themselves tend to only cost a couple of pounds to play, meaning it’s a fairly low risk gamble. For these reasons, bingo is one of the most fun and risk-free games possible.


Online slot machine games are an obviously easy game to understand. You simply add credit to the machine and it randomly shows a number of images. If they coincide with each other you win something. This is by far the easiest game to understand, and doesn’t require the quick reflexes of bingo.

The price of each game or try at the slot machine is cheaper than bingo also, however, as each turn is over so quickly, it’s possible to spend a lot of money in the space of a few minutes. Keep an eye on your spend and how long you’ve been playing with these. The skill of this game is knowing when to give up.


This is the most difficult to grasp out of the three, not through any complex rules, but because it requires some skill in knowing the percentages of each number/colour to get the best chance of winning.

Roulette can cost whatever you want. As you decide the credit you have in your account, you can bet any amount of that on any single outcome, or multiple ones. For that reason, you can effectively blow all of your money instantly with no return, making it the riskiest of them all. That being said, it also has the biggest returns, which will depends on the odds of whatever you bet on. if you wish to get more info on games than you should Visit Paddy Power, which is one of the best sites for games online worldwide.

It’s never been easier to have a great time with roulette, casino slots, blackjack and other games than it is with the Canadian AllSlots site. Here you can play the games you most enjoy and have a blast. You can also play Pokies for mobile and PC at www.pokiespalace.com.au.