The Future Is Now With Casino Technology

As more and more people flock to casinos across the world, both live and online, the amount of money changing hands has risen, increasing the need for technological advancements in this area. These advancements not only improve the enjoyment of the customer and their security on the real life and virtual felts but also the accessibility to users with huge improvements in mobile gaming and connectivity.

Smart Facial Recognition and NORA

Although it might seem like an element of casino security that films and the media have made seem unrealistic, a huge number of casinos now use this revolutionary technology. These are no ordinary CCTV cameras, this technology can recognise faces and pick them out of an ever-growing database that contains known cheaters to high rollers, giving the casino the option to change their experience as appropriate, giving big spenders preferential treatment or keeping a closer eye on suspicious individuals.

This software can then be combined with an innovative piece of kit called NORA or Non-Obvious Relationship Analysis, which is now even being used at airports and other high security risk areas. This clever programme takes the information from the facial recognition software and runs it against a database of known connections to prevent cheaters working in teams. The software finds cheaters and searches to find if that individual has any prior connection to anyone on the casino floor, even searching through employees and guests of the hotel!

Mobile Gaming

Huge advancements in mobile technology now means that you can play in online casinos easily and securely from your mobile or tablet. The increased level of security on these apps and platforms mean that users can play freely, not having to worry about losing money to potentially harmful computer programs. Playing on regulated websites like online gambling games at Royal Vegas means that your details are input into anti-fraud detection programs and digital encryption software which makes sure your details are 100% secure.

The advancements in connectivity between users now also means that playing against friends online whilst thousands of miles away could not be easier! The ability to create private games between people you know is literally just a click of a button, and such innovation is just the beginning as the online gaming industry is set to grow a staggering 28% by 2018.

Table Eye 21

It seems as though the future really is now with innovation such as TableEye 21. This revolutionary piece of software tracks bets made by players, the percentage of hands that are being won and the amount of hands played in any given blackjack game. The software uses overhead cameras above casino blackjack tables and then converts this data into a statistical analysis of players to prevent unfair play in a popular game for cheaters. Suspicious data then sends casino operators an alert and allows them to monitor players that might be behaving unscrupulously.

Why ‘live casino dealing’ games work

The use of live dealers in online casinos has proven incredibly popular, especially in recent years. This could be because, as with every other form of digital entertainment, consumers have begun to expect increased levels of realism from their desktop gambling experience. It’s certainly exciting to play along with, but just how does it work and precisely why has it become so in demand recently? Let’s find out.


First of all, people visit casinos for a number of different reasons, whether that be to flaunt their cash, meet like-minded people, get dressed up or to simply have an evening out that isn’t merely made up of busy bars and strobe lighting.

But one thing that is a consistent with all these people is that they go there and take in the atmosphere of the physical space – the sounds, the tables, the charm etc. House dealers play a large part in creating that atmosphere – and seeing someone laying down cards right in front of you as you call out your bets and other decisions definitely adds to the drama.

Online casinos have, until now, struggled to recreate that sort of excitement with graphic-led tables. People love gambling with other people and live dealers provide this benefit of bricks-and-mortar casinos, digitally.

Advances in technology

Most of us are fortunate enough to enjoy super-fast broadband speeds in our homes and even out and about in cafés and restaurants now. Not only does this mean that you can play anywhere in your house – from the kitchen table to the garden porch, it also means that you have the option to bet on the go with live roulette, too. With multiple devices now talking to each other, you can begin playing on your desktop before transferring to a tablet when you leave home.

And it’s not just the internet and consumer hardware that has advanced at a rapid rate recently. A lot of the live dealer gaming that we play now is streamed direct from a real casino itself. They take advantage of these fast broadband speeds to broadcast games in play, almost to the second, and with practically no buffering. This means that the online customer gets to enjoy the same experience of an offline gambler, in the comfort of their own home.


Another reason people enjoy visiting real-world casinos is the chance to pit their wits against a number of different games. Of course, you’ve been able to do this with online casinos for as long as anyone can remember, but the difference is that now you have that extra level of interaction. What is also attractive about the number of different games you can now play with a real dealer (such as roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat etc.) is that it can really begin to feel like you’re paying a visit to a casino, without even having to leave your living room.

Live casino games are clearly massively popular right now. Will they continue to be as interesting and exciting in future? As further technological progress is made and numerous games are added to the roster, it'll probably prove even more so than at present.

Strategy Considerations for Online Poker

More people than ever are signing up to play poker, and that means more diverse set of strategies than ever before in the history of poker. Some of these strategies are better-suited to live play while others work more effectively in a casino online. With that being said there are still some absolute truths about poker that have not changed no matter how many new players or strategies emerge.

First off, if you have played poker for a number of years in person you will notice the far quicker pace of the game when you play poker online. With that in mind it is often a good idea for new players to play at the free or low limit tables to get acclimated to the faster pace and new way to play.

The next thing you will notice when you play online is the far more aggressive style of play in this new generation of player that takes to the tables. This is definitely not Doyle Brunson’s poker game as the new breed of player is far more open to trying to bully and intimidate fellow players with aggressive betting and bluffing.

Bluffing has always been a tricky aspect of poker and you will find more players are doing it at far greater rates than in the past. Bluffing, in some ways, has become so common place as to be near ineffective as most experienced players are used to its regularity and are no longer easily fooled.

While aggression and bluffing may be intimidating to the new or inexperienced player it is nothing to fear. The one thing that has not and will not change when you play online is the fact that the gravity and law of physics with the math of the odds cannot change. Those numbers are as hard and factual as ever and the solid, level headed player will use that to his advantage and not be intimidated. Chip stacks, positioning, and hole cards are still going to have the basic fundamentals that they always did no matter how reckless and loud opposing players may be.

There are several variations in Roulette

The American roulette and the European roulette are the two main variations in roulette. Though these variations are almost similar in looks, there is a huge difference between both these variations, which distinguish them from each other.

American Roulette: This variation is mostly offered in almost all the casinos. The double zero ‘00’ mark on the additional section is the major differentiating factor of this variation of roulette as it is not mentioned on the European roulette.

European Roulette: This variation of roulette is almost similar to the American version but has only exception. In this variation of roulette, the wheel is configured differently. It contains a single zero instead of the double zero as on the American version. This variation of casino is quite common on online casinos than it is in the live casinos.

These were the two major variations of roulette. So the next time, you wish to play roulette in physical or online casino, make sure you understand, which version of roulette are you playing and spread the knowledge to others who don’t know these two variations of roulette. For players who would like to get the most attractive bonuses to play online, you should visit Casino Deposit Bonuses. that is best for you.

Best Gambling Games That Require no Skill

Most people want to try gambling at some point in their life, whether that’s just for fun or to see if they can win any money, we tend to give it a go at some point. The trouble is that, for people that don’t gamble often, some of the games are just too difficult to understand if you have any chance of winning or knowing what’s going on.

Take poker for example: Add some complicated rules to the even more cryptic terminology that accompanies it and the novice has no chance. If you’re one of those people then here are three of the best online gambling solutions for you. There are others, but these are somewhere near the top. The list considers how fun they are to play, how easy they are to play or to learn and how much financial investment they require. The idea being that the lower the cost of playing, the more it’s probably going to be like fun than a pro gambling game.


Anyone who has tried to Play Online Bingo Games will tell you just how easy they are to grasp. While the game does require some mental agility in quickly identifying the right numbers on your card, there’s little else difficult about it.

While you can deposit large amounts of money in an online bingo account, the games themselves tend to only cost a couple of pounds to play, meaning it’s a fairly low risk gamble. For these reasons, bingo is one of the most fun and risk-free games possible.


Online slot machine games are an obviously easy game to understand. You simply add credit to the machine and it randomly shows a number of images. If they coincide with each other you win something. This is by far the easiest game to understand, and doesn’t require the quick reflexes of bingo.

The price of each game or try at the slot machine is cheaper than bingo also, however, as each turn is over so quickly, it’s possible to spend a lot of money in the space of a few minutes. Keep an eye on your spend and how long you’ve been playing with these. The skill of this game is knowing when to give up.


This is the most difficult to grasp out of the three, not through any complex rules, but because it requires some skill in knowing the percentages of each number/colour to get the best chance of winning.

Roulette can cost whatever you want. As you decide the credit you have in your account, you can bet any amount of that on any single outcome, or multiple ones. For that reason, you can effectively blow all of your money instantly with no return, making it the riskiest of them all. That being said, it also has the biggest returns, which will depends on the odds of whatever you bet on. if you wish to get more info on games than you should Visit Paddy Power, which is one of the best sites for games online worldwide.

It’s never been easier to have a great time with roulette, casino slots, blackjack and other games than it is with the Canadian AllSlots site. Here you can play the games you most enjoy and have a blast.

Top 5 Online Casino Software Companies That Lead the Way

Nowadays there are plenty of online casino software companies that develop and create games for virtual casinos. Some are land based providers that expanded onto the virtual gambling world; others offer online gaming products exclusively. If you are interested in playing casino games on the Internet, you should be familiar with the top software providers that offer fair and safe games, quality products and good game variety. The following are the top five virtual casino software companies that lead the way in the online gaming industry.

1. Netent. NetEnt is a premium and one of the world leading suppliers of online casino software and games used by one of the best and most trusted casino operators. Its award winning Casino Module is an online gaming system comprised of over 200 best of breed casino gaming titles that have high entertainment value and offer one of the best gaming experiences on the web. Top favorites and well-known NetEnt games are Starburst, Hall of Gods, Mega Fortune, Red Dog Progressive and Blackjack Pro among others.

2. Microgaming. This is the online casino software pioneer that launched the first casino on the Internet in 1994. So far Microgaming has created over 800 online casino games and more than 500 game variants and its casino products are available online, in real time and on the go. Popular games include Mega Moolah, Game of Thrones, Avalon, Thunderstruck, Playboy, Roulette and Blackjack Gold Series and many more. Microgaming is also one of the founders of eCOGRA that stands up for fair, responsible and secure online gambling.

3. Playtech. Playtech is the software provider responsible for the creation of the most popular online slots in the industry- the Marvel Series slots based on the superheroes from the Marvel comic books. Some games are Iron Man, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk etc. This software company creates online casino games with high quality graphics, excellent animations and perfect sounds. Check out the top 10 Playtech casinos for 2015 where you can enjoy seamless gaming, generous bonuses, top notch security and thrilling gaming atmosphere.

4. Betsoft Gaming. If you want to play online casino games with 3D graphics, realistic features and animations that come to life, check out the games from Betsoft Gaming. The company stands out with its 3D slots such as At the Copa, Rook’s Revenge, Good Girl Bad Girl and True Sheriff among others. These games have stunning quality and graphics. They are quite engaging and you will feel like you are in the game itself.

5. Everymatrix. With Everymatrix everything is possible. It is one of the industry leading providers of complete online gaming solutions. Its casino engine offers over 22,000 games from 33 providers as well as gaming and payment management to casino operators. Besides online products it also features live dealer options from several providers.

If you want to learn more about the leading virtual casino software providers and what they offer, visit