Microgaming Online Casinos

If you ask any online gambler to name two of the biggest casino software developers in the world, one of those names will be Microgaming. This company are well known throughout this industry, and not without reason.

Microgaming have the best games, the biggest selection and the most extensive history. They have defined what it takes to succeed in this industry and they have set the standard for everyone else to match.

The Best Microgaming Online Casinos

Online Casinos that offers Loyalty Schemes

A loyalty scheme is one of the rarest, but one of the most exciting and generous bonuses that a casino can offer, and one that we will take a comprehensive look at in this guide.

What is a Loyalty Scheme?

Learn about Loyalty Programs

These schemes go by many different names, and it all depends on the casino or the industry. For instance, many poker players and blackjack players refer to them as “Rakeback” schemes, but in an actual casino, they are known as Rebates.

To put it simply, it is a scheme that allows you to collect points every time you play, before you then convert these points into cash or prizes. There is no set way of doing things, so how you earn points, how much they are worth and what you can purchase with them differs from one casino to the next. Also, the majority of online casinos simply do not offer these promotions and it has become the norm for many gambling sites not to have them. We don’t believe this is right, and we think that the casinos that offer these schemes should be applauded and celebrated. In this guide we’ll tell you all that you need to know about reward/loyalty schemes, but we’ll also point you to the casinos that offer them. That way we hope to increase the support they receive and to hopefully make these schemes commonplace once more. You can fine more at http://www.kewlcasino.com as well as other bonuses online.

Bitcoin Casinos - Online Casinos that Accept Bitcoin

There are many uses for the Bitcoin currency. This has been described the currency of the future, because it allows for fast, effortless and anonymous transactions

Because of this, Bitcoin has become a popular deposit and withdrawal method in online casinos. But is this the best place for this cryptocurrency, and if so, what is the best way to gamble with Bit-coin?

Why Gamble with Bitcoin?

The main reason you should gamble with Bitcoin is because it’s incredibly safe. Not only is there no risk of anyone using your Bitcoins to steal your identity—which is becoming very common with credit cards and debit cards—but there’s very little risk of anyone actually finding your identity out.